Configuring Netscape for RasMol

Configuring your browser for RasMol


Firefox requires.

On unix set up the following files using your favourite text editor


xterm -e rasmol -pdb $1


xterm -e rasmol -script $1

and make them executable 'chmod +x *.com'

In windows you need to generate these two files as text using notepad


cd /D C:\TEMP

"c:\Program Files\rasmol\raswin.exe" -pdb "%~1"


cd /D C:\TEMP

"c:\Program Files\rasmol\raswin.exe" -script "%~1"

Note this is windows 2000 or later. Windows 98 has less sophisticated versions of commands so for that try

cd C:\TEMP

"c:\Program Files\rasmol\raswin.exe" -pdb %1 or -script %1

Obviously if your copy of rasmol is in a different directory or has a different name then use that. C:\TEMP should be the directory that netscape downloads temporary files to. Try downloading a file and saving it and see what directory it goes to.

Unfortunately firefox does not have a good way of editing MIME types as installed so you need to add this feature by downloading MIME editor for version 2. The unofficial version for Firefox 3 at the time of writing is You may then have to drag the donwloaded xpi onto the browser window. This then give a MIME Edit menu under tools and you can then edit the mime types as below.

Repeat the following steps for each of the three MIME types you are defining:-

i. MIME type chemical/x-pdb

  1. Click on Edit
  2. Click on New type and fill in the form as follows:-

ii. MIME type chemical/x-ras

  1. Click on Edit
  2. Click on New and fill in the form as follows:-

iii. MIME type application/x-rasmol

  1. Click on Edit
  2. Click on New and fill in the form as follows:-
  3. Open it with: and press the Choose... button.
  4. Navigate to the directory containing scripts you wrote above
  5. Select or .bat and click Open.
  6. Click OK in the bottom right hand corner of the "New Type" window.

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